Technology Enhancing Education

Technology Enhancing Education
Posted on 11/04/2020
Technology Enhancing EducationTechnology has become essential in education today and the teachers at Montevideo Public Schools have been leaders in using it to reimagine instruction and expand learning opportunities. Here is a look into classrooms at a few of the ways that technology is enhancing education at Montevideo Public Schools:Te

Flipped Model
Teachers from elementary to the high school began moving to a flipped model for education even before it became commonplace and necessary with distance learning. After learning about how some other schools used technology to teach higher levels of math differently, the Montevideo High School math department used the district’s technology to refine instruction.
With the use of touchscreen Chromebooks and clip-on microphones, math teachers create recorded lessons of their lessons. This allows students to learn at their own pace and re-watch portions of the lesson to more fully grasp the content to come to class ready to participate. It also had made it easier for students when they miss a class to stay caught up and connected.

Virtual Learning Days
In 2018-19 when several schools were making-up snow days into June, Montevideo students continued learning through all eight days and released for the year as scheduled. Montevideo has been a leader in engaging students in virtual learning or e-learning days over the past four years, adapting its plan as students received access to more technology.

Real-Time Translating
Chromebooks and the power of apps are making it so Spanish speaking students have access to translation services wherever they are. As a teacher speaks, the mic on the student’s Chromebook picks up the teacher’s voice and translates the words in real time into Spanish. This allows the students to better understand the information as they continue to learn English.

Virtual Tours & Interviews
Technology has provided a portal for Montevideo students to a world of experts who can help them apply their learning. For the past three years, students in Mrs. Sletta’s Science class have met virtually with climatologists at the National Weather Service in Oklahoma and asked questions related to weather. The climatologists share stories, images, and videos of their equipment and operation that enhance student understanding.

English Language Learners
Technology takes away many of the barriers that English Language Learners face in school and helps them thrive while staying in the classroom. They can learn at their own pace while teachers use online tools to differentiate curriculum.

Culture of Innovation
These opportunities and outcomes for students continue to come after intentional investment in the tools, providing training and continuing to promote a culture of innovation.
"Just a few years ago, a teacher walked out of a technology training and shared that nothing I had discussed in this training would be useful,” said Vera Weber, director of professional learning and and technology for the district.

“This teacher had a subject that didn’t always mesh well with digital devices or technology. But just a few weeks ago, as I passed by this classroom, the teacher called me in to share a marvelous story of using technology to create new materials to use with students for instruction. The teacher took a risk to try something new and it worked. Our students get to reap the benefits of this innovation.”